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Ignite live webcast series March 24 – 28

Register to attend the Ignite live webcasts March 24-28; 10 a.m.-11 a.m. PDT each day.

Office 365 delivers the capabilities that users demand while allowing IT to stay in control. As you plan strategies for meeting your IT goals for the year, this Ignite webcast series will help you understand your options and show you how Office 365 can help.

This series is designed specifically for IT Pros. You will see how new features come to Office 365 first, learn about the new tools and processes to migrate on premises workloads to Office 365, and prepare for the new operational role of IT Pros.

Each day’s session takes less than an hour and will provide you with valuable information from an Office 365 deployment expert. You will also have the opportunity to ask them your pressing questions via instant message. You can register for the entire one-week series or any combination of individual sessions.

March 24
Office 365 for IT Professionals
Get an overview of the key Office 365 components and benefits from an IT perspective.

March 25
Messaging and Communication Services in Office 365
See how to manage and secure the ever-growing volume of communications with the cloud or with a hybrid environment.

March 26
Deploying Office 365 in Production (Part 1)
See how to expand a pilot environment into a production deployment. This session includes an emphasis on mailbox migration.

March 27
Deploying Office 365 in Production (Part 2)
Get an advanced look at expanding a pilot environment into a production deployment. This session includes a discussion of hybrid environments.

March 28
Enhancing Office 365
See how to enhance Office 365 with single-sign on, multifactor authentication, safeguard email, and on-premises SharePoint investments to the Cloud.


Webinar: Introducing OneNote for Mac

Office 15-minute webinarsThe webinar is over. Check back in a few days for    the video.

Wish fulfilled: OneNote arrives on Mac today. If you’re a newbie, we’ll show you why OneNote rocks as we take it for a spin. If you have notebooks on your PC, we’ll show you how to use them on your Mac.

What you will learn at Tuesday’s webinar

  • Take a look OneNote on a Mac
  • What is OneNote: a quick introduction
  • Using notebooks from your PC
  • OneNote everywhere

References for this webinar

Go to for more information on how to join the series.

–Doug Thomas