How IT Pros can use Office 365 to create winning solutions

Every team, whether in sports or business, has its most valuable players (MVPs), the people whose skills and leadership enable other team members to achieve high-level performance. Many organizations count IT Pros among their leading MVPs—and with good reason. IT Pros select the online services, software and devices that other employees depend on to do their best work, and also provide the support needed to keep those tools running smoothly and performing well.

Office 365 puts IT Pros firmly in control.  IT Pros have the choice to deploy entirely in the cloud, move some workloads to the cloud while leaving some on-premise with inter-connectivity between them in a hybrid model, or deploy entirely on-premise. They can configure the controls to meet the specific needs of their organization, and support their mobile workforce. Even planning and support are easier with Office 365: Microsoft provides a clear roadmap to help IT Pros prepare for new features and updates; and the familiar tools mean that employees require less support, which frees IT Pros to focus on other strategic priorities for their business.

Office 365 also makes it a snap for IT Pros to support a highly mobile or widely distributed workforce. With Office 365, company employees can access email, documents and spreadsheets online or offline, and easily collaborate with colleagues either offline or in real time. And Office 365 provides robust data protection for greater privacy and security.

The infographic below shows how IT Pros can work more effectively using Office 365 versus Google Apps—and get the competitive advantage they need to help their organization develop a winning strategy. Check it out for yourself!

Click here to download the infographic.


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