8 reasons executives should attend SharePoint Conference 2014

spring 2014, Microsoft hosts the SharePoint Conference. More than 10,000 business leaders, IT professionals,
developers, platform owners, and business users will come together at the
Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, from March 3-6.

As with
years past, attendees will experience cutting-edge content, hands-on
labs, workshops, discussions, showcases, and networking events. However, what
is unique about this year’s event is that Microsoft has invested in a
comprehensive Executive Track. The Executive Track is tailored with content and
activities to ensure that executives and business decision makers connect with each
other, with industry experts and with technology thought leaders in order to
advance their business value and growth strategy.

leaders and executives can expect:

  1. Rich perspective from
    inspiring and thought-provoking
    explore trends in business, productivity and technology
  2. Valuable connections
    through networking activities with executive-level attendees
  3. Insightful round-table
    discussions of technological and industry-specific challenges with
    business leaders of enterprises across every geography, type, and size
  4. Clarity and vision of
    the future IT, re-imagined as an agile center of innovation and
    technological excellence
  5. Customer stories and
    case studies of SharePoint and Office 365 that demonstrate how to align
    the technologies to support strategic objectives, and deliver real-world
  6. Thoughtful analysis of
    technology roadmaps and choices: challenges and opportunities, costs and
    benefits, risks and rewards
  7. Actionable guidance from
    industry experts across topics including the cloud, enterprise social,
    collaboration, big data, compliance, and governance
  8. Exclusive events for
    executive attendees with leadership gurus, Microsoft partners, and
    Microsoft executives

To learn
more about the Executive Track at SharePoint Conference 2014, visit the audience page or check out the executive sessions. If interested in attending, visit the registration page. We look forward to inspiring and educating business
leaders on the power of technology to connect, reimagine and transform


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